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About MyWallet

Mobile payment with MyWallet

Discover the world of mobile commerce. MyWallet transforms your smartphone into a digital wallet. Use it to make worldwide purchases without cash and just a tap wherever you find a contactless card reader.

Your benefits:
  • Smart – It’s all in your mobile phone, wherever you go
  • Secure – MasterCard® certified
  • Fast – tap and you’re done!

Secure Payments

Mobile payments – with MyWallet, you are on the safe side

MyWallet is an innovative payment solution that is particularly safe because it uses Near-Field-Communication technology (NFC) that complies with the highest security standards developed for financial institutions. The system is also certified by MasterCard®. A special SIM card with memory for storing sensitive data protects against hacker attacks.

For paying, simply tap your Smartphone on the card reader of the cashier or automated payment machine and both devices will communicate via encrypted radio. Your payment will be securely completed in seconds - without having to reveal your card numbers and data. For amounts exceeding €25 Euros, your payment PIN will be requested as an additional security measure.

MyWallet app is protected by a four-digit PIN that you define. Therefore, an accidental payment, for example in passing a NFC-equipped machine, is prevented.
Secure payment due to NFC-Technology

Points of Acceptance

Where can I pay with MyWallet?

You can use it to make payments worldwide wherever there’s a MasterCard® or Maestro® contact-less card reader. These include Starbucks, Aral, Kaufhof, Thalia, Douglas, Vapiano and in the Telekom shops. You can use the MasterCard® Contact-less Locator to help you find the nearest merchant in your area.
MasterCard® Contact-less Locator
Points of Acceptance

MyWallet at the IFA 2015

IFA 2015

From 4-9 September 2015, at our booth in Hall 21a, IFA visitors had the chance to try out contactless payment.
As the world’s most important trade fair for consumer electronics, the IFA showcased the latest trends in all areas of the industry.

MyWallet Poland

T-Mobile Poland - Moments that connect

MyWallet was deployed in Poland in October 2012, and several thousand users have already enrolled.
MyWallet Poland (polish language)

MyWallet Germany

Deutsche Telekom AG  - Moments that connect

Germany is one of the largest markets in Europe with high potential for growth. In spring 2014 MyWallet has been launched and meanwhile it offers further competitive features.
MyWallet Germany (german language)

MyWallet Hungary

Magyar Telekom Hungary - Moments that connect

Starting December 2014, MyWallet is available also in Hungary with a payment service as well as a bonus card and ticketing function!
MyWallet Hungary (hung.)
MyWallet in Hungary (video, hung.)

MyWallet Slovakia

T-Mobile Slovakia - Moments that connect

Since May 2014, MyWallet in its full range of functions is now also available in Slovakia.
MyWallet in Slovakia (video, slov.)

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